Some Web Sites to Try

There are numerous Web sites available on the Internet, some specifically for Christians (www.christian.matchmaker.com, www.achristiansite.com), some for seniors (www.seniorfriendfinder.com), some for Blacks (www.blackplanet.com), and some for specific religious groups (www.AdventistMatch.com, www.Jewish.matchmaker.com, www.catholicmatch.com). Here is a list of three you might try on your next dateless evening:

Also known as ChristianSinglesDating.com, this site offers the usual photo catalog and online mail as well as real-time chat and voice samples. Reduced privilege memberships are free. Higher level memberships are reasonably priced.

A simple listing is free but allows no response. Paid memberships are $100 per year and provide excellent questionnaires and site organization, but profiles are not necessarily current. The service reserves the right to sell/share personal information.

This site matches couples in 29 areas of compatibility based on a 436-question survey (15 dealing with religious practice). Currently popular because of its highly selective matchmaking process, the site has a pricing structure that runs higher than the others.

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